3 Places Of Interest In Yonkers NY

Yonkers is one of the largest cities in the state of New York. There are many points of interests there, and you will want to visit them in person. Let’s discuss what some of the top places of interests in Yonkers are, and then you can make a trip to see them.

1. Tibbetts Brook Park– This park sits on 161 acres and it has been open to the public since 1927. People flock to Tibbetts Brook Park because of all the activities that can be done there, such as enjoying the river, waterfalls and the lap pool. There are also walking and hiking trails, which includes the South County Trailway. There’s an ice-rink, mini golf course, two lakes that allow fishing and campsites, as well as tennis, soccer and baseball facilities.

2. The Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site– Another point of interest in Yonkers is the Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site, which is a museum. The building is actually the oldest standing building in Westchester County. The museum houses a number of collections, including over 50 paintings.

3. Science Barge- One of the most well-known points of interests is the Science Barge, which is a floating urban farm and education center. It has been docked in the city since 2008, and it is a great place to go to if you want to learn about urban farming. Just make sure you put aside an hour or two of your day because you will want to see all that the Science Barge has to offer.

The Science Barge and The Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site are popular points of interests in Yonkers. So is Tibbetts Brooke Park. If you ever decide to visit Yonkers, make sure the above places are the first places you visit. Afterwards, you can visit other points of interests in Yonkers.

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